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Digital Marketing

CTS WEB Digital Marketing

The least expensive solution to market your business is digitally.

Sales Reps, Telemarketer, Print Ads, TV and Radio are too expensive and only are noticed by a small share of people.

Digital Marketing is a combined effort of Websites and Email.

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing allows you to focus your message to the proper people.

In addition, Digital Marketing can quantify and can determine the success of your marketing.
Contact our team to assist you in creating or improving your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Email Solutions

CTS WEB Email SolutionsEmail has become the most important communication tool available.

With the need to provide – Unlimited space,  Multiple Mobile and Remote devices  and Zero Downtime . Along with all the needed security –  Spam filtering / Antivirus   / Compliance /  Auditing / Backup

Email has become a costly endeavors for every company,

We offer several scalable solution  that allow you to benefit with  enterprise level email but at lower cost with still provide you excellent performance and a near zero unscheduled downtime.

Our enterprise features include shared Contacts, Calendars, Distribution list,  Alias, message forwarding and our security includes both Antivirus and Antispam.  We also provide the ability to Wipe lost/stolen mobile devices allowing you to keep in compliance.

Contact us to discuss solutions to lower the cost of your current email solution..


CTS WEB Domains

Your domain name is the means by which potential and current customers will be able to find your business online. Similar to the process of creating your business name, selecting the right domain is important to ensuring that people will remember your business and your corporate brand. As a business owner seeking to start an online business, you want to create the greatest impact and leave your business on the minds of visitors to your website. To achieve this, you will need to consider the following when deciding on a domain:

 Your domain must be easy to spell, type and does not include words that a potential visitor might misspell or slangs that will leave a user clueless as to how to type it.

 There are no strict rules about the length of a domain name, but shorter domain names are easier to remember. As a business, you want to avoid complex domain names that will prevent users from accessing your online products and services.

 Your domain should include the required keywords that are associated with your business. Domain names that contain certain keywords are best for SEO ranking.

 A domain name extension is just as important as the name itself. There are a number of domain name extensions available and it is critical to select the appropriate one for your business.

 Brain storming for the right domain name includes thorough research to ensure that there are no legal impediments to using a desired name. The wrong domain name can significantly affect your online presence, jeopardize profit making traffic, and potentially weaken your brand. There are many examples in which the right domain name represented the foundation for online success.

Don’t leave such an important business decision to chance; you can rely on the expert team at Cavalier Technical Services (CTS) to carry out the necessary research and advise you on the highest yielding domain name options for your website. Together we will arrive at a domain name that will increase your online presence.

At CTS, we can also assist you in navigating many new Top Level Domains (TLD), and advise you on a strategy to maintain your brand while making it convenient for your potential customers to find your site. Begin your online presence with the expert input from CTS. Call us today, so that we can take the steps to identify and secure the best domain name for your business.

Here are some of the over 100 TLD available:


.com commercial
.org organization
.net network
.int international organizations


.black .black
.blue .blue
.green .green
.pink .pink
.red .red


.actor Entertainment
.band Entertainment
.channel Entertainment
.club Entertainment
.guitars Entertainment
.hiphop Entertainment
.lotto Entertainment
.party Entertainment
.poker Entertainment
.rocks Entertainment
.rodeo Entertainment


.cab travel
.coach travel
.cruises travel
.flights travel
.fly travel
.limo travel
.travel travel
.vacations travel
.voyage travel
.viajes travel


.bar Food
.beer Food
.bio Food
.catering Food
.coffee Food
.cooking Food
.eat Food
.farm Food
.fish Food
.fishing Food
.garden Food
.menu Food
.organic Food
.pizza Food
.recipes Food
.rest Food
.vodka Food
SOY Food
.bar Food
.pub Food
.rest Food
.restaurant Food


.bike bicycles
.camp camps and camping
.cards general
.cricket cricket
.dance Dance studios & Co.
.surf surfing
.yoga yoga
.futbol soccer


.guide help sites
.help help sites
.how how-to guides
.support help pages
.tips general help topics
.wiki wikis


.cool General interests
.day general
.events happenings
.gratis “free”
.memorial memorial sites
.wiki wikis
.new general
.ninja general expertise
.rip memorial sites
.rsvp Invitations and replies
.today general
.whoswho general
.wtf general
.xyz general
.zone general
.asia Asia-Pacific Asia
.wien Vienna Austria
.brussels Brussels Belgium
.vlaanderen Flanders Belgium
.gent Ghent Belgium
.quebec Québec Canada
.alsace Alsace France
.bzh Brittany France
.paris Paris France
.bayern Bavaria Germany
.berlin Berlin Germany
.cologne Cologne Germany
.koeln Cologne Germany
.hamburg Hamburg Germany
.nrw North Rhine-Westphalia Germany
.ruhr Ruhr Germany
.saarland Saarland Germany
.budapest Budapest Hungry
.irish Ireland Ireland
.nagoya Nagoya Japan
.okinawa Okinawa Japan
.ryukyu Ryukyu Islands Japan
.tokyo Tokyo, Japan Japan
.yokohama Yokohama Japan
.krd Kurdistan Kurdistan
.frl Friesland Netherland
.moscow Moscow Russia
.capetown Cape Town South Africa
.durban Durban, South Africa
.joburg Johannesburg South Africa
.eus Basque Spain
.cat Catalan language Spain
.gal Galicia Spain
.madrid Madrid Spain
.taipei Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan
.london London UK
.scot Scotland UK
.cymru Wales UK
.wales Wales UK
.vegas Las Vegas USA
.miami Miami USA
.nyc New York City USA
.city generic geographic Location
.country generic geographic Location
.global generic geographic Location
.here generic geographic Location
.international generic geographic Location
.place generic geographic Location
.town generic geographic Location
.world generic geographic Location


.christmas Christmas SOCIAL
.church churches SOCIAL
.lgbt the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender SOCIAL
.life general SOCIAL
.link connecting to information SOCIAL
.meet social gatherings, meeting new people SOCIAL
.dating Online dating SOCIAL
.dad families SOCIAL
.blog Blogs SOCIAL
.community social groups, neighborhoods SOCIAL
.foundation charitable organizations SOCIAL
.gives charities and gift-giving SOCIAL
.gripe opinion sites SOCIAL
.horse horse-related businesses and interest SOCIAL
.singles online dating SOCIAL
.social general interest SOCIAL
.tattoo tattoo aficionados SOCIAL
.wed wedding-oriented businesses SOCIAL
.wedding wedding-oriented businesses SOCIAL


.democrat Democratic Party politics
.gop Republican Party politics
.republican Republican Party politics
.vote elections and campaign websites
.voting polling sites
.accountants FINANCE
.capital FINANCE
.credit FINANCE
.creditcard FINANCE
.finance FINANCE
.financial FINANCE
.holdings FINANCE
.investments FINANCE
.loans FINANCE
.money FINANCE
.mortgage FINANCE
.ventures FINANCE


.app TECH
.camera TECH
.codes TECH
.computer TECH
.digital TECH
.domains TECH
.email TECH
.foo TECH
.graphics TECH
.host TECH
.hosting TECH
.meme TECH
.mobi TECH
.mov TECH
.name TECH
.onl TECH
.software TECH
.systems TECH
.technology TECH
.tel TECH
.webcam TECH
.website TECH


.active general
.agency general
.associates general
.auction general
.bargains general
.best general
.bid general
.biz general
.blackfriday general
.boo general
.business general
.buzz general
.center general
.cheap general
.claims general
.click general
.company general
.deals general
.direct general
.directory general
.discount general
.energy general
.enterprises general
.exchange general
.exposed general
.fail general
.feedback general
.forsale general
.industries general
.info general
.ink general
.limited general
.luxe general
.luxury general
.network general
.ooo general
.partners general
.qpon general
.report general
.reviews general
.sale general
.solutions general
.archi architects and Firms
.build Construction industry
.builders Construction workers
.condos Real estate
.construction Construction industry
.contractors Remodeling
.estate Real estate
.homes Real estate
.house Real estate
.kitchen Real estate
.land Real estate
.lease Real estate
.lighting lighting
.properties Real estate
.property Real estate
.rentals short-term ownership
.space as a creative space
.villas real estate / travel
.maison “house” in French
.coop Cooperatives
.reit Real estate investment trusts


.cancerresearch Ending cancer through research
.care healthcare industry
.clinic healthcare clinics
.dental dentists
.dentist dentists
.diet Fitness and exercise
.fit Fitness and exercise
.fitness Fitness and exercise
.healthcare healthcare industry
.hiv AIDS and HIV
.pharmacy pharmacies
.physio physical therapists
.rehab Rehab centers and support sites
.surgery healthcare industry
.vet veterans and veterinarians
.vision eye-care businesses


.attorney attorneys and legal organizations
.esq lawyers, law firms, legal professionals
.lawyer lawyers and legal organizations
.legal lawyers and legal organizations
.abogado “lawyer” SPANISH


.adult adult entertainment
.porn adult entertainment
.sexy adult entertainment
.xxx adult entertainment


.academy academic institutes
.degree general
.education educational institutes
.institute educational institutes
.museum museums
.prof Professors, teachers and learning
.science science-related sites
.training training and how-tos
.university young adults, university life
.institute Established business associations
.college Educational


.career services
.careers services
.cleaning services
.consulting services
.delivery services
.engineer services
.engineering services
.expert services
.guru services
.ing services
.jobs services
.management services
.market services
.marketing services
.media services
.plumbing services
.press services
.pro services
.productions services
.repair services
.services services
.trade services
.work services
.works services


.audio stereo/sound systems .flowers florists and gardens .motorcycles motorcycles .supplies manufacturing industries
.autos Cars and Parts .furniture furniture businesses .parts manufacturing and consumer auto .supply manufacturing industries
.boutique specialized businesses .gallery photo and art galleries .photo photography and photo-sharing .tienda “shop”, “store” Spanish
.clothing Apparel .gift gift-giving .photography photography and photo-sharing .tires tire manufacturers
.diamonds diamond and jewelry .gifts gift-giving .photos photography and photo-sharing .tools manufacturing industries
.equipment equipmen .glass window sales and repairs .pics photography and photo-sharing .top general
.fashion clothing industry .holiday holiday gift industry .pictures photography and photo-sharing .toys toy businesses
.florist florists .insure Insurance companies .shoes shoes .uno “one”, targeting Latino consumers
.solar solar-power .video video sharing .watch Watches

Visibility / SEO

CTS WEB SEOYou just complete your website or you have one already.

Now what?seo-2014

How does anybody know your website exists?

You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising which may or may not work or the CTSWeb Team can assist you in developing a successful plan to become viable on the web.

Traffic to your website is positively affected by your ranking in search engines. Unless a user has prior knowledge of your domain name, he or she will only find your business through search engine searches or advertising. The former represents the means by which many customer shop online today. If you are not on the first page of a search, a potential customer will not be in a position to consider your business as an option for the product or service that made up their online search.

The professional team at CTSWEB – Cavalier Technical Services (CTS) is equipped with an in depth understanding of what is involved in the gathering of results by the major online search engines. This forms the foundation of our suite of search engine optimization (SEO) services and tools, which enable us to build and improve your website’s visibility and ranking. We are committed to getting results you can depend on without the need for purchasing expensive online advertisement campaigns.

Our SEO and visibility solutions include the adding of effective tools to your website to improve ranking. Your site ranking is the position that search engines assign within any particular search of certain keywords. This ranking is affected by a number of factors and variables:
Relevance. Your website will be ranked based on how relevant your product or service is to the search request of the online user. So knowing what your customers are searching for will make your website more relevant.

Quality. The quality of the content of your website, inclusive of titles and the use of keywords will significantly affect your SEO ranking. In fact, excellent content is the key to converting visits to sales.

Coding. The quality of your coding (Programming)  behind your website is critical to getting your brand listed first amongst others in any online search result.

Mobility As over 50% of the web is searched from mobile devices Goggle and Bing prioritize websites based upon the compatibility to a mobile device. We can help convert or modify your older website into being mobile ready.

At CTS, we understand the algorithms that are utilized by search engines like Google and Bing, to generate search results. For years, we have been able to use this knowledge to design the required tools that will produce the best results that can be yield from the major search engines. With the right website structure and keyword tags, you will notice higher ranking, more traffic, and eventually more revenue for your business.

The virtual doors of your online business will remain close, if you do not take the necessary steps to increase your visibility. Contact us to get more information on all our SEO solutions.

Mobile Apps

CTS WEB Mobile Apps Why do I need a mobile app?

phoneAn app provides many benefits over a simple mobile website.

First an app does not need a connection to the internet to run.

It also provides a custom interface to better suit your needs and creates a l presence on your customer’s devices. If a website does not load within 5 seconds many customers will leave and never return, an app helps you keep these customers by providing a better experience.


We write customized apps for businesses that allow your field based employees to get updates about job sites, place orders, look up customer info, and more all while having limited access to the internet.

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits to be derived from having a mobile app for their business.
Let us help you advance your business in this area. We are committed only to results and will ensure your business is equipped with an app that meets the needs of your employees and customers.

An app for your business is a great marketing tool that offers regular interface with the potential customer and allows the business to continue to foster relations with existing customers. At the end of the day, such activities are geared towards increasing revenue and profit in the long term. The overall benefits to the business includes:
• Building brand loyalty amongst customers.
• Increases the customer’s ability to access your product or service.
• Facilitates social media sharing and recommendations from current clients to other potential clients

In return your customers benefit as follows:
• They gain easy access to your product or service.
• They are able to receive up to date notifications on special events, coupons and sales.
• Contacting your business is just a touch away.

The team at CTSWeb is able to write custom apps with features unique to your business and your customers. We have been providing this high quality service for years and at a price that facilitates value for money.

While there is much benefit to be derived from an app that enhances the customer experience, at CTS we also design and create apps that facilitate business operations. Our expert programmers are able to produce apps that will allow field-based employees to get updates about job sites, ability to place orders, look up customer information, and much more. There is no doubt that an efficient business operation spells well for business performance and customer satisfaction.

At CTSWeb, we have the capacity to create apps that are compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry devices. Consult with us today and see how we can take your business to the next level with a custom app.

Web Construction

CTS WEB Construction The most important aspect of constructing a website is compatibility. As a business owner, you will need a website that meets your online marketing and sales objectives.

Your website must also deliver in ease of use and high functionality to address the needs of your clients.

The experienced web construction team at CTSWeb – Cavalier Technical Services (CTS) will help you in selecting the best programming solution for your website and create  compatibility that is expected.


A poorly constructed website can significantly affect the volume of online business you are able to achieve. When a website does not function the way it ought to and is not compatible with mobile devices,  browsers and loads slow,  your business stands the risk of losing potential clients. We understand that the risk of losing a potential client can be expensive. This is a risk we can help you mitigate with the proper construction techniques from an expert team of programmers.

Our goal at CTSweb is to work with you to deliver a website that meets all your expectations. We are committed to creating an outstanding product that is a reflection of your brand and will operate to deliver high levels of online performance. With years of experience, we know we possess the tools and human resource to provide you with high quality service and result oriented websites.

The secret to our ability and success in building solid websites for our clients, lie in the human capital that we possess at CTS. Our staff is made up of designers, programmer, and database engineers, whose combined years of experience and in-depth knowledge is the recipe for creating a professional website in the shortest possible time. Working to meet your business needs, our team will help you select the best programming solution for your site and build you an outstanding product.

Unlike many other web programming companies, we want to provide a comprehensive website creation service.  With this in mind, we have created a web construction team that includes a stable of photographers and videographers, who will produce high quality images of your products and locations, professionally executed video testimonials or demonstrations, all in an effort to improve the overall design of your site.

The team at CTSweb has the knowledge and ability to program for multiple web browsers


and ensure compatibility with an ever-growing array of devices. Ask about our extensive portfolio of work and see how we can construct a website that will meet all your expectations.






Web Design

CTS Web DesignAfter years of helping many clients we have determine some patterns to make your website successful.

Defining the goal(s) of the website are essential for the success of your website.

  • Is it to gather leads and find new business?
  • Is it to sell directly from the web?
  • Is you site to help customer find information quickly without disrupting your staff?
  • Is it present you company as well organized and larger organization?
  • Or is to say we exist?

The design of your website is crucial to attracting and keeping customers. Your website’s design is a representation of your online branding and when professionally delivered, creates a unique and lasting online experience for your potential customers. The experienced designers at CTSweb – Cavalier Technical Services (CTS) possess an in-depth understanding of how to present your site to help you achieve your goals.

Website designing is all about the visuals.  Similar to an ugly/older/ confusing store, a poorly designed website has the effect of giving visitors a negative impression of your product or service.  At CTSweb, we understand that you have approximately 5 seconds to keep the  interest of the visitor.  A lost visitor to your website can mean a loss in sale. Since we know you are in the business of making profit, we are committed in designing a product that will have high visual appeal and an organized layout.

Our expert team consist of excellent designers who are prepared to work with you to develop and execute your overall vision for your website’s design. Additionally, we have copy editors available to ensure your website is easily comprehensible to all visitors.

At CTSweb, we are only concerned with delivering the best in service.  The features and benefits of our expert web design service include:

  •  A clean and well-organized aesthetic appearance. Potential visitors will be persuaded to browse and find out more about your business with a well-organized website.
  •  Content that is helpful and well-written. The content on your website is critical for SEO purposes, but high quality content is also the reason visitors to your site will stay, read and return.
  •  The ability to translate into multiple languages. The internet has created an international marketplace with just a click of a button. The ability to have your site translated into multiple languages is allowing your business to open its door to the entire world.
  •  Newsfeeds / Updates. No website design is complete without newsfeed and updates. They keep your customers updated on relevant information for your business.
  •  Inform clients about specials, new products, and discounts. We want to make sure that your website engages with your customers to ensure a lasting and memorable online experience.
  •  Compatibility. Our designers know that compatibility is essential to any site. All our designs are able to perform and support multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers.


Do not leave your website design in the hands of amateurs. Call the expert team at CTSweb to create an engaging, relevant, and functional website that is sure to drive traffic and generate profit.

CTS Web Hosting

Web Hosting

CTS Web Hosting

Web hosting is the equivalent of purchasing land for your house. Without hosting for your website, your visitors will not be able to find you on the internet.

At CTSWEB –  Cavalier Technical Services (CTS), we provide web hosting that is safe, accessible, well-maintained, and affordable.

We are confident in our ability to offer you the type of hosting service that you can rely on. Our service is designed with the following factors in mind:

  • Price and Affordability. As a business owner, all expense decisions are entered into carefully to ensure value for money. However, seeking the cheapest price should never be the objective. At CTS, we offer a number of features that other low price competitors will not provide. Despite the high quality hosting product that we offer, we have placed a great deal of emphasis on making sure that there is value in the features of our hosting packages.
  • Technical Support. A web hosting company should provide you with the technical support that will be needed. At CTS, our technical and support staff is  ready to help you solve all your hosting problems.
  • Features and Add-ons. When looking for a web hosting company, the features provided are going to be critical to your decision to hire that company. We have tailored our web hosting packages to include a wide selection of features and add-ons that are relevant to a number of different industry needs. For example, the CTS web hosting environment is compatible with every website language.
  • Customer Satisfaction. At CTS, our best sales pitch is the confidence and trust that is invested in our company by our clients. For years, we have been providing exceptional web hosting services to a variety of customers who are pleased with the service that we provide.
  •  Control Panel and User Interface. Our easy to use and accessible control panel and user interface is an important factor in the web hosting service that we offer at CTS. The ability for the client to make changes and update their websites without needing to be a techy person is very important.

At CTS, we are always working to improve our infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the industry and those of our clients. Coupled with our web construction and web design services, we are happy to provide web hosting and to make CTS your one stop solution for all your website needs.

Trust a company that knows what they are doing.

The CTS Web Hosting Environment is compatible to every website language.

To find out more about the web hosting packages we have available.

Select the our simplified 2 tier offerings:

CTS Web Hosting – Premium

Our Premium offering provides you 3GB of Storage with a monthly Bandwidth of 25GB along with 25 pop email accounts

This is ideal for most all websites.

Also included with our Premium offering is complete CPanel allowing you to control your entire website.   We also provide a complete auto installer of all the best internet solutions including WordPress, Joomla,  MySQL, PHP, SEO – Search Engine Optimization and so much more.

Monthly Price  $7.95 (Paid Yearly)

Get Package

CTS Web Hosting – Enterprise

Our Premium offering provides you 6GB of Storage with a monthly Bandwidth of 50 GB along with 50 pop email accounts

This is ideal for most active websites.

Also included with our Enterprise offering is complete CPanel allowing you to control your entire website.   We also provide a complete auto installer of all the best internet solutions including WordPress, Joomla,  MySQL, PHP, SEO – Search Engine Optimization and so much more.

Monthly Price  $12.95 (Paid Yearly)

Get Package