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CTS WEB SEOYou just complete your website or you have one already.

Now what?seo-2014

How does anybody know your website exists?

You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising which may or may not work or the CTSWeb Team can assist you in developing a successful plan to become viable on the web.

Traffic to your website is positively affected by your ranking in search engines. Unless a user has prior knowledge of your domain name, he or she will only find your business through search engine searches or advertising. The former represents the means by which many customer shop online today. If you are not on the first page of a search, a potential customer will not be in a position to consider your business as an option for the product or service that made up their online search.

The professional team at CTSWEB – Cavalier Technical Services (CTS) is equipped with an in depth understanding of what is involved in the gathering of results by the major online search engines. This forms the foundation of our suite of search engine optimization (SEO) services and tools, which enable us to build and improve your website’s visibility and ranking. We are committed to getting results you can depend on without the need for purchasing expensive online advertisement campaigns.

Our SEO and visibility solutions include the adding of effective tools to your website to improve ranking. Your site ranking is the position that search engines assign within any particular search of certain keywords. This ranking is affected by a number of factors and variables:
Relevance. Your website will be ranked based on how relevant your product or service is to the search request of the online user. So knowing what your customers are searching for will make your website more relevant.

Quality. The quality of the content of your website, inclusive of titles and the use of keywords will significantly affect your SEO ranking. In fact, excellent content is the key to converting visits to sales.

Coding. The quality of your coding (Programming)  behind your website is critical to getting your brand listed first amongst others in any online search result.

Mobility As over 50% of the web is searched from mobile devices Goggle and Bing prioritize websites based upon the compatibility to a mobile device. We can help convert or modify your older website into being mobile ready.

At CTS, we understand the algorithms that are utilized by search engines like Google and Bing, to generate search results. For years, we have been able to use this knowledge to design the required tools that will produce the best results that can be yield from the major search engines. With the right website structure and keyword tags, you will notice higher ranking, more traffic, and eventually more revenue for your business.

The virtual doors of your online business will remain close, if you do not take the necessary steps to increase your visibility. Contact us to get more information on all our SEO solutions.